there are no mistakes

improviDance is a beautiful path to inner freedom.  It helps participants break through the tyranny of “perfection," shed old habits of thinking and being, and live in authenticity.  Bottom line? improviDance connects you with your divine self and is a blast to boot.

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"The things we discover for ourselves

are the most important."        

       ~Pina Bausch

I created this 12-minute video as part of my Master's level research project, which looked at the effects of improviDance on non-theatre individuals.  

improviDance is the happy marriage of theatrical improvisation and conscious dance movement, designed to deepen awareness, encourage healing, and free the spirit. Too often we are locked into conditioned patterns of thinking, moving, and being.  improviDance provides the tools to shift those patterns by placing us in direct contact with our often-ignored instincts.  


improviDance teaches us how to:

  • listen, to our own deepest selves and to others
  • accept and say "Yes!"
  • be fully present -- be here now
  • break the routine
  • respond authentically
  • make the other one look good
  • start anywhere
  • step into the flow​