What human organization couldn't use some help with those?

  • listen
  • accept
  • make the other person look good
  • solve problems together
  • commit and follow through
  • stay present
  • see only opportunities, never mistakes
  • know when to lead and when to follow
  • access their limitless creativity, ​​&
  • believe in the power of the group​​

I have taught improvisation to all ages, and have used its guiding principles successfully to help build teams, create consensus, and foster imagination.  I would love to create a program that addresses your group's specific needs... contact me.

Want to build or repair a team?  Need tools to collaborate?  How about more creativity?

Improv teaches all of the skills that colleagues need to work together effectively, and it does so in an active, fun way.

Leadership experts and social scientists, from Malcolm Gladwell to Daniel Pink, all recommend improv as a vehicle for team building, as well as a tool to spark creativity.  But how do you bring improv to your people?

Contact me.  I have decades of experience teaching groups how to:


Corporate Training

There are few better ways to build trust and establish connection within a group than to engage in improv.  It's simply perfect.

I bring a unique combination of skills, based on my experience as a:

  • founder of one of Stanford University's first improvisation troupes
  • former Administrator of a private school
  • MA in Theatre & Performance Studies (SUNY at Buffalo)
  • Meisner-trained actor, who performed in theatre, industrials, and national and regional television commercials for major corporations such as Proctor and Gamble, IKEA, Tonka, Pfizer, Boston Market and Time Magazine
  • former Board of Trustees President of a non-profit
  • professional playwright
  • 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher
  • founder of a movement modality called improviDance