Commercial Reel:


Deer One, by Mary Poindexter.  Staged reading, Buffalo History Museum,

   Buffalo, NY, 2017

Returns, by Mary Poindexter.  Staged reading, Kavinoky Theatre, Buffalo,

   NY, 2017

Vesperum, by Beccah Hartman.  Staged reading, Marie Maday Theatre at

   Canisius College, 2016

The Marriage of Mom & Dad, by Mary Poindexter.  Staged reading, University at 

    Buffalo, 2015

Apple of My Eye, by Tracy Snyder.  Staged reading, RLTP, 2014
Sure Thing, by David Ives.  University at Buffalo, 2013

Some Girls, by Neil LaBute.  University at Buffalo, 2013
The Tempest, by Shakespeare.  Aurora Waldorf School, 2016
Dick Powers,” online videos and live performances by Peter

      McLaughlin.  2013 - present



Our Finest Work                                Samuel French Off Off Broadway

                                                                Short Play Festival, NYC   
A Midsummer Night's Dream             Unrehearsed Shakespeare Co. of NYC

Man in the Basement                         Alice's Fourth Floor Theatre, NYC

The Elevator Play                               Alice's, NYC
Mathematical Certainties                   Columbia Dramatists, NYC
Islands                                                340 W. 55 Performance Space, NYC

Houseplay                                          Alice's, NYC

Over the River &
Through the Woods  
                        Belmont Italian American Playhouse, NYC

Nighty Night Smokeless Girl              Alice's, NYC
Possible Worlds                                 Alice's, NYC
Food                                                   Alice's, NYC

​Action                                                 Stanford University, Stanford, CA
The Mousetrap                                   Huntington Playhouse, Cleveland, OH

Founding Member of “Mission Improv-able,” an Improv Group at Stanford University  


National: Crest, Boston Market, Aleve,

     Tonka, IKEA, Time Magazine, others
Regional: local commercials, industrials,

     training videos, voice-overs


Featured role, Why I Murdered My Roommate (pilot), 2015                   


MA in Theatre & Performance Studies, University at Buffalo

William Esper Studio:  2-Year Meisner Program with Barbara Marchant
Ensemble Studio Theatre: Curt Dempster, Leslie Avayzian, Lewis Black,

     Cassandra Medley
Actors in Advertising:  Commercial Course with Joan See
Text Analysis:  Martin Esslin
Improvisation: Keith Johnstone, Patricia Ryan Madson, Christine Farrell
Movement:  Loyd Williamson
Voice:  Bill Reed, Allan Lokos
Internships:  Playwright/Actor in Residence, Ensemble Studio Theatre
                          Summer Conference
                     Literary Associate, Alice’s Fourth Floor Theatre, NYC.  1991-1996