Everything I do stems from an abiding belief that art has the power to transform, from heartache to wholeness, isolation to community, loss to understanding.  Time and again, I have been grateful to find healing in artistic offerings: a line of a poem, a soliloquy, even a cartoon!   Offerings that entertain, or educate, or enlighten me are my touchstones, and those that manage to do all three: magic!  Adversity is clearly part of the human package, yet by participating in an artistic exchange -- as audience and "performer," writer and reader -- we human beings create a symbiotic space to transform challenges into something wondrous.  

I write from that belief, and I teach from it, too.  

Some Biographical Info...

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, I went to Stanford University where I earned a BA in English, rather than one in Drama -- Mom said it would be "more practical."  (HA!)  During my time there, I was grateful to receive a Golden Grant Award for playwriting, and to co-found one of Stanford’s first improvisation troupes.  My experience performing with that troupe convinced me to move to NYC and pursue a career in the theatre.  

To Entertain, Educate, & Enlighten

There, I completed a two-year training in Meisner Technique at the Esper Studio, and acted in theatre, industrials, and national and regional television commercials.  I interned with Ensemble Studio Theatre, studying with the likes of Lewis Black and Cassandra Medley, and enjoyed a creative and educational relationship with Alice's Fourth Floor Theatre, writing plays, performing, and reading scripts.

I fell in love, married, and raised three (bias alert) phenomenal kids.  During that time I was the Administrator of Aurora Waldorf School for three years, and picked up an MA in Theatre & Performance Studies at SUNY University at Buffalo.  I also became certified in YogaDance at Kripalu, created improviDance, and most recently became certified as an Ashaya Yoga teacher with Todd Norian.

I've acted and written for a tv web series, edited books, and taught writing, theatre improvisation, movement, and acting. I have led team-and consensus-building improv programs for organizations. Currently I'm writing a book with an NFL player, a musical, and a book of poems that explore our sometimes complicated but fortunately always ongoing relationship with the Divine. 

I'm a member of the Dramatists Guild and SAG-AFTRA, and I live just outside of Buffalo, NY.